3 Reasons an Indoor Birthday Party Venue is a Parents Treasure Priority

Being a parent has never been easy, and modern parents have it tougher than ever. Why not relieve your busy family schedule by taking advantage of Bounce De Lis superb indoor birthday party venue?

At Bounce de Lis a Memorable New Orleans Birthday Party is Our Top Priority

Kids are always the toughest critics of a play space like ours, but we’re pleased to report that Bounce De Lis appears to be fully kid-approved. The youngsters who go wild in our giant inflatable play structures always come out happy, and if they get upset, its only because they have to leave. Meanwhile, parents appreciate having such a safe, convenient, and affordable venue for a New Orleans birthday party available to them.

You Want a New Orleans Birthday Party Venue to Blow Your Kids Socks Off?

As any parent with a broken bed can tell you, kids love to jump up and down. That’s why inflatable play structures are a perennial favorite at kids parties. At Bounce de Lis, we went a bit crazy with the inflatables: We cant bring our play structures out to a party, because they’re just too big! Fortunately, that does make us the premier New Orleans birthday party venue for parents who want to throw a memorable, convenient, and affordable bash.

At Bounce De Lis we strive to build healthy kids

Play bazooka ball, run around our facility, go up and down our slides, build endurance, bounce bounce and bounce some more, build strength and flexibility – it all counts towards building stronger muscles and bones, a leaner body, lower cholesterol levels, better sleep, better outlook on life. Bring your kids to Bounce de Lis and see the difference.