Who Has To Sign A Liability Waiver?

Our insurance company requires that all guests in our facility sign a liability waiver. All children under the age of 18 will be required to have a liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian. During each open play session there will be a waiver form provided at the check in counter. If you are having a party or event, we will have a waiver form for your group the day of your event for everyone to sign. If you have an adult bringing someone else’s child, you or that adult can download our waiver from our website by clicking the form tab, complete the waiver and send it with the adult accompanying the child.

Can Adults Play On The Inflatables?

Due to size/weight restrictions and wear on our inflatables, adults and children over the age of 16 are not permitted to play on the inflatables. One parent may assist their younger (age 3 and under) children on the inflatables. Parents are also encouraged to help ensure their children are following the safety rules. Parents must wear socks in the inflatables and need to remove belts, watches or other sharp objects.

Can I Bring My Own Food?

For parties we provide the ice cream, water, juice and pizza.  You can bring in cake, cupcakes, and/or cookie cakes. All other outside food needs to be approved before it is allowed.

During open play, no outside food is permitted.

Alcohol is not permitted.

Can I Bring Decorations For My Party?

We have made every effort to make our building bright and festive. Helium balloons are permitted, however we ask that nothing be hung or taped to the walls or put on the floors. Confetti and silly string are not permitted at Bounce De Lis, and may result in a $25 cleaning fee if these items are used.

How Much Are Additional Pizzas?

$10.00 for one topping.  $14 for specialty pizza.

Can We Order Additional Pizza The Day Of The Party?

Pizza orders should be confirmed the day prior to the party, but we will try to accommodate any request.

Where Are The Pizza’s From?

Papa John’s.

How Many Kids Can I Invite To The Party?

16 kids (including the birthday child) are included with the party package, but we can accommodate up to 40 kids.  Children UNDER 2 years and adults are free and are not included in the friend count.

What If I Exceed The Guest Limit For Our Party?

You will be charged $10 per extra guest over the 16 allowed. We can accommodate up to 40 kids.

Will my image appear on your website or on your Facebook page?

Upon entering our premises, your photograph or image may be taken. As such, you are granting permission to BDL Parties, LLC to use, or authorize others to use, any photograph, motion picture, image, recording, or any other record of your participation in activities within our facilities in whole or in part for promoting or marketing our activities and events. If you wish for your image not to be used, please notify the Manager when you check in so he can provide you with an opt out option on our waiver/consent form.